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Jeff Salman

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hello everyone,

I'm a new photographer and retoucher. I'm very impressed and encouraged by the community of retouchers here and the support given in the forums.

Have a few, basic questions that I'd love to get some feedback on:
1). Should I have a separate port on MM for Photography and Retouching?, and
2). Where should I post if I'm looking for feedback specifically from retouchers? (it doesn't seem like there's a separate critique forum just for them. I saw someone ask for retouching feedback on a photo in this Digital Art & Retouching forum, and another person told them to post it in the Critique forum, but that seems too general to me)

Thank you all. I look fwd to being a part of and, hopefully, contributing where I can to this community.


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Fima Kurnia

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Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

I am photographer and retoucher too,,
waiting for an explanation from the senior

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Pari Retouch

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Nāshik, Maharashtra, India

For question1, yes you have to have separate accounts for photography and retouching.

For your question2, post here for critiques:, that's the only place in here where you can get critiques on your retouching work.
About feedback from retouchers, in critique forum you can receive feedback from anyone, sometimes retouchers drop by there but it's not the case with every thread. Maybe you can try contacting retouchers you like that is they're interested in giving their feedback on your work, if you'd like to have feedback from retouchers specifically. I'm not sure if this method works but I received some PMs here asking for feedback so I came to know that this can be done.

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Jeff Salman

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Los Angeles, California, US

Thanks for the reply and info Pari. The link that you posted takes me to a page that says "Invalid Forum", but I'm assuming that you were referring to the critiques forum. I'll just post there for now, but if your link was to something else and you could let me know, that'd be great. Appreciate it!

@Fima - I really like the Cyborg girl pic in your port. Nice concept smile

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