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-The Dave-

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Please critique my first ever beauty retouch...

You can view it at 100% here...


Feb 07 13 10:15 pm Link


Chase Retouching

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Kansas City, Missouri, US

Found the split end in about ten seconds big_smile

It looks really great the way it is, but you could fix a few more flyaway hairs 45 degrees down and right of her ring finger. Her lips could use some smoothing/wrinkle reduction, and you could dodge and burn them to give more depth. I'm not sure, but could the irises of her eyes be sharpened a little to reveal more detail? If you want to spend a ton of time, you could also do some painstaking dodge and burning to de-emphasize the bumps on her skin, particularly under the left eye.

Also, I don't get what's going on with one fingernail bedazzled and the rest plain, but I'm pretty sure that's my  own problem lol.

Of course I'm not a pro by any means, so some of those suggestions may be awful wink It's still a beautiful shot without changing anything more!

Feb 08 13 12:24 am Link



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Rīga, Rīga, Latvia

Not bad at all for first time smile
*you're definitely going in right direction but needs more retouching
*don't forget about other body parts - lips, nails etc.

Feb 14 13 12:14 pm Link


The Invisible Touch

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For your first beauty retouch, is actually good!!

Just try next time to pay more attention on small details like the eyebrows are bigger in one eye than  the other, d&B still a lot to work on, no contrast on the eyes, they look really flat...

Feb 17 13 12:02 pm Link


ChelleyCredible Retouch

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Some hair clean up on her chest and random parts of face. Over all very good for a first time. You kept it natural and didnt over do it.

Feb 21 13 06:20 pm Link