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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

So I'd like to get some advice on where to strengthen my port. I.e styles I should add, areas I could improve, and shots that should go.

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Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

I honestly don't like your avatar. The neck is twisted (and it shows in wrinkles), the make up is terrible and it gives me nothing.

On where to go I'd suggest you get some pictures with more sophisticated lighting, something that adds a little drama to your port and compliments your body a little more. You could also get some good lingerie shots, if they are well lit and the garments are elegant.

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Use that as your avatar and remove the current one from your portfolio.

With your light hair, blue eyes and fair skin you have to be really careful with makeup to look your very best. The photo above presents you in a really nice way. The makeup in your avatar does nothing for you at all.

You have a beautiful body and lovely figure which are nicely suited to nude modelling, work with as many different photographers as you can to get a wider variety of poses and looks.

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JP09 wrote:
So I'd like to get some advice on where to strengthen my port. I.e styles I should add, areas I could improve, and shots that should go.

The first three do nothing for me. The first one the box would need to be cardboard no one has a hardcover manual it's a users manual not instruction manual i could go on but you get it. The second fails for lighting/retouching (hot spots odd color cast), make-up, pose (neck wrinkles). The third as most of the problems of the second but the lighting issues are more obvious and your look either cold or surprised.Get rid of these and get better images.
Get thee to a tanning booth/bed many of your pics show a sports bra tan a small percent of shooters find tan lines sexy most feel they disrupt the image.
Go to the photographer and ask them to clone out the compression (clothing) marks at your waist or get permission to do it or have it done yourself.

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Al Reid Photography

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The photo you chose for your avatar is not very flattering.  In general, I like your portfolio and I'd love to shoot you.  Of the shots suitable for an avatar, I would suggest going with:

It's much more flattering.

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David Kirk

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I think you need a really strong headshot.  This one is okay, but you could do much better.

This one should go for sure:

I think these are your best:




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