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Charles Boyd

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Dark Image of the Day Competition for 2/8/13

Welcome to the Dark Image of the Day contest. This contest is for those that don’t view the world through rose colored glasses and always have a dark cloud following them around.

We’re looking for the best of the alternative world. Think gothic and steampunk, strange and weird, mysterious and surreal, terrifying and horrible, and fetish and freakish. Anything that is out of the box of normal.

There are other contest for fashion, glamour and nudes so lets keep those entries in their respective places. Let’s make this contest the one that your mother warned you about .

So please read the entire theme and stay on topic with today’s theme


TODAY’S THEME:  “Adverse Weather”

Tomorrow’s Theme:  “Moods/Mellow”


2 - Stay on topic with the posted theme though artistic interpretation is welcome .
3 - Mark links to mature images (blood, bondage, nudity) with "18+"
4 - You may enter only 1 image per day, even if you have multiple accounts.
5 - You may only enter an image that you were directly involved in creating.
6 - You may not resubmit a given image to the contests for at least 15 days.
7 - Only one vote per person each day even if you have multiple accounts.
8 - No voting for yourself or on an image that you helped create
9 - No spamming others to vote for a specific image.
10 - No Vote stacking .
11 - Winning images will be retired from this contest.


Using today's theme as a guide, look through your personal images (on MM or elsewhere) and find one that best fits the theme.  Artistic interpretation of the theme is welcome but DO NOT select a non-related image just to post something.  Then, copy either the image link or page link and post it in the thread.  DO NOT USE [IMG] TAG TO POST THE IMAGE.  If it contains anything the MM rules deem as mature (blood, bondage, nudity, etc), then please mark the link with "18+".  You may also add a brief editorial about the image, if you wish.


Voting starts at noon PST (MM Time) or 3pm EST and ends the next morning whenever the votes are tallied.  To vote, simply quote your favorite entry and type "VOTE" below it.  After the day's competition ends, the host will tally the votes and post the winner of the day.  In the case of a tie, the host will choose the image that best reflects the day's theme that is not their own.

[i]Hosts: Journey2Darkness

Many thanks to “xandx”, MM #148537 for designing the winner’s token for today’s contest. Please visit the other daily and weekly contest on Model Mayhem.  The artwork on the winner’s token is from the “Lady Mechanika” series that was created and drawn by Joe Benitez. This artwork is used with his permission. Please visit his site at

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Legacy UK Photography

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Rapier993 Photography

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Francisco Castro

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Alan Pedroso

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Verita del Immagini

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Vera Much

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Verita del Immagini

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Jerry O

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Cynthia Serrano

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Mike Williams Photo

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Erin Koski

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Alan Pedroso

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Thanks to everyone for their entries

Today's Dark Image of the Day Winner

TODAY’S THEME:  “Adverse Weather”

Alan Pedroso


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I wish to thanks everyone for participating in today’s contest.

Cynthia Serrano - 2
Legacy UK Photography - 0
Rapier993 Photography - 1
Francisco Castro - 0
Alan Pedroso - 4
Verita del Immagini - 0
karenjerzykphotography - 0
Mike Williams Photo - 0

NOTE: The hosts do not necessarily check the past competitions for posts beyond this one.  If you have any questions or complaints, please contact the host directly.

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