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Gabrielle Heather

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Digital Photo PLUS wrote:
I disagree. I don't think anyone can really change without motivation from the outside, positive or negative.

Which doesn't mean that a person will change with sufficient help or motivation. We are very resistant to change for good or bad reasons.

I agree that you often need an outside perspective, I did not say you didnt, what I am saying is that you ultimately need your own will power in order to make that change. People dont give themselves enough credit and often look to others when they have what they need within. I do agree with you that it takes the help or viewpoint of others.

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Gabrielle Heather wrote:
And no matter how much we try facilitate helping someone, if their desire isnt there to grow, or to learn it just isnt going to happen. It starts to feel like groundhog day. It depends on the circumstances and situation how we respond to these things. How do you respond to these things? Do you feel the same? that in the end you are ultimately responsible for your own actions?

Sometime you cannot be responsible or guilty for failing but you can be responsible for not trying.

And you are totally right.
I saw the both side of the coin: failure and success in two different stories.

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Model Sarah

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Why would anyone give up their own lives to help someone be a good person? Life is too short for that.

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