Jem Iredale

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Could anyone review Illamasqua for me? I haven't been able to use any just yet.

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Laura Dark Photography

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Illamasqua is manufactured by Kryolan.  They are very pigmented and great for very bold looks.  Their rich liquid foundation is very full coverage and is best when put on with fingers and not with a brush.  The new foundations are better if you are used to putting on with a brush.

The eye shadows are great.  I use them all the time and they come out great even without a primer.  Same with their blush, extreme color transfer.

I really love their highlighters too, they are bright but don't have a glittery look to them.

They are great quality eyelashes too although they are very expensive.

If you want to know more hit me up, I've used just about every product they make.

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ShannonJennings MUA

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I use Illamasqua's rich liquid foundation & skin base in my kit. I like them both, I feel they photograph well & the rich liquid is pigmented enough to use as concealer. Skin base is great for a slightly dewy look & works well on a range of skin types. The rich liquid is no good for very dry skin, flaky skin or long goes a little flaky & cakey after a while.

I have one of their concealers for my personal use. It's seriously heavy duty but not very bendable. It's just a bit too stiff for my liking.

Can't comment on the rest of their range. They have a really gold liquid highlighter on sale for $7 I need to pick up. I like the color range of their blushes

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Illamasqua is not entirely manufactured by Kryolan- Only some of their products are.

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Mark Salo

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OP has left the building.

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I went to the Kryolan studio in Chicago yesterday to pick up an eyeshadow palette and I played with the Illamasqua. That rich liquid foundation is wonderful. It made my skin look so beautiful. It seems to be full coverage, but when you put it on, it glistens like natural skin that had a nice sheen to it. Although it is full it has the appearance of light coverage on the skin. It is lovely. I plan to purchase some eventually.

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Yusra Siddiqui

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They're a fantastic brand. Rich pigments with longevity.

However- I'm not completely sure of the truth to these statements so please don't quote me on this- I've heard of mold and bacteria build up have been found on their cream makeups (i.e blushes and eyeshadows).
If you google it you get a few blog reviews with photos of said build-up.

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WOW!  Are you all sure this is Kryolan?  I know kryolan private labels but I had no idea they private labeled this brand. Normally the identity of manufacturers of any brand is top top top secret...

edited to add...I just found the mold videos... what they are showing in the video is not sweat (common on cream products) it's not pigment drips (also common on cream products) I've never seen anything like it actually..

  I found old makeup in my storage shed when I moved my was in an old kit I used to use and forgot about... it was actually about 15 years old.   I pulled out the Cinema Secretes, RCMA and other items I had.... The RCMA foundation had not changed in texture or smell at all.. the Cinema Secrets and Joe Blasco foundation had grown bacteria on the surface...not mold but hard beads.  How weird is that?... The RCMA did not age at all... I wonder what made the others go rancid and gross and what kept the RCMA just like new after all those years of a hot shed?  I did toss it all out by the way but I found this very interesting

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