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Misty R H

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In recognition of Valentine's Day, I think there should be a Cupid Award for the most thoughtful or romantic story.  So have you done something really nice, romantic or sexy for your significant other or vice versa?  This doesn't have to be big, expensive or elaborate.  It can be a sexy action, or thoughtful gesture or anything that makes your significant other feel really special.

I think my hubby should get a Cupid Award. We live in a warm climate so I really HATE cold.  Well on one cold, snowy morning while visiting family in New Mexico my hubby said he was going to go out and warm up the car.  I f inished putting on my make up figuring he would be back inside after starting the car.  He didn't come in.  Not only was he getting the car warm, he was sitting in my seat warming it.  The seat heaters in the car only work when someone is sitting in them.  He was so thoughtful that he even thought about making my seat warm...not just having the hot air coming from the heater.

So do you deserve a Cupid Award?

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I agreed to let my wife retire this year. She never has to work another day if she doesn't want to, even though she's not eligible for AARP for another 20 years wink

How's that for a V'day present?

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Yeah(: haha but I really can't say my whole valentines day present because I'm a teenager and sex is a sin.

But the adorable card I wrote out myself and chocolate covered strawberries im making with ghiradelli chocolate stand alright on their own.

But he should really win. Having Christmas, our 6month(we went out to dinner), my birthday, and valentines day.. In less than two months.. And making all of them perfect. I'd give it to him(:

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