Heather J Photography

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Hamilton, Ohio, US

just jjoineed. im not a new photographer but i recently restarted my business andd am looking to rebuild my portfolio and clients. im based in the sw ohio area.

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JKL Images II

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Portage, Michigan, US

Welcome to MM.
I would start out by choosing an avatar, it will help you stand out.  Go to "my stuff" and then "manage photos" --set as avatar is the middle button, choose your best, and go with it.

Make sure you introduce yourself on the other side of the site in the announcements, if you want to make one, you can, or you can answer them by commenting on pictures.  The more traffic you bring to your profile, the better.

Make sure you keep up with casting and travel info.  Check there and see if a model needs your talents, or post there to advertise your needs for a model.

The more you use the site, the better it will work for you.


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Liquid Lace Studios

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Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Hello smile welcome from all the way down under.

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