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-The Dave-

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Bella Photoshoot

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Im a straight woman and I could look at her all day.

Though I do wonder why they didnt try to get a better angle for her tummy.  Too focused on loose breasts and keep them put for the shot than the angle of the rest of her be my guess.  Too bad...the other cover was much more flattering as a whole.

You have to admire the prep and photographer that goes into those shoots and how talented the models are and how hard they work.  SI is my goal when doing beach photography (stop f*cking laughing!!!! lol)

Laurie smile

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Christian Garrido

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Mark Laubenheimer wrote:
kate upton....

girl needs to smile like this on that SI cover
her boobs look bigger than her head because of the way she has them propped up by her arms

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Jon Macapodi

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When I saw the SI images, it re-enforced my belief that she's really not anything special. Don't get me wrong, I wish her continued success and I completely understand why the girl-next-door glamour bombshell thing works for her. It's just not an aesthetic that I have an appreciation for, and thus, don't really have much appreciation for her work.

Then I saw her campaign for Sam Edelman's S/S 2013 collection. "Oh. My bad."

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HJM Photography wrote:
What does everyone think of the 2013 Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover?

Highly over-rated... but it's at least better than the other even more highly overrated SI cover she did last year.

(I seriously think that a many MM photographers and llamas could do a much better job)

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Urban Stylz Photo

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MMDesign wrote:
Looks like she put on some blubber for the trip.



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Urban Stylz Photo

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Michael Pandolfo wrote:
I'm tired of Kate Upton. Expose to the world to someone new instead of the same old tired retreads.

Yes, she's gorgeous. But we've seen her a million times.

Edit: I just realized what a hypocrite I am after reading my post. I'm just sick of HER. I never get tired of Miranda Kerr or Adriana Lima. And I'm still not sick of Dean Johnson (I know, I know).


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Mark Laubenheimer wrote:
kate upton....

I love her.

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Mark Laubenheimer wrote:
kate upton....

That is the most covered up that I've ever seen her (undergarment-wise). Her breasts look smaller than I'm used to seeing them. Cute pic, though.

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Al Lock Photography

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I think SI is trying to reproduce the Kathy Ireland thing with Kate.

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Kate Upton is awesome and not even 21 yet and two SI covers. Way to go!!

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I don't mean to threadjack, but since this thread's all about Kate...

There's a photographer here on MM that has a pic of her in his portfolio. It is such a natural shot and very casual, I almost didn't recognize it to be her at first. She is wearing (if memory serves) a maroon shirt of some kind and her freckles are very prominent.

Does anyone know the shot I am referring to?

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Leon Bailey

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Eh that cover

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Yves Duchamp - Femme

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It's typically terrible (but not nearly as bad as her cover last year, so... YAY improvement!)

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