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Mary Zdo

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San Ramon, California, US

I've been wanting to try my hand at modeling for a while but it took me a while to gather up my courage to finally get an account here despite my lack of an actual portfolio. Hopefully that will be fixed soon once someone notices my artistic genius from my crappy self shots. I'm kidding, of course, that would be impossible, but hopefully I will actually get to build a portfolio very soon with the help of this site and the lovely people on it.

I've been a visual artist my whole life and have been drawing people obsessively since I was 5, so hopefully that will lend itself well to modeling in some way. I guess I'm just addicted to making art, which is why I'm here.

Well anyway, I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to working with some excellent people! =]

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Hello and welcome. I'm not sure how much we can say outside the critique forums but yes, getting some solid professional images in your portfolio will help. You don't have to go crazy just show us who you are so we can see your body shape and how clothes hag on you. A couple head shots and you'll be on your way.

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American Glamour

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Welcome to MM, I am from the Bay area as well.  I wish you the very best.

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Fima Kurnia

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Welcome to the party, enjoy!

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Fesion Photography

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San Jose, California, US

Bay area model!! yeahhhh
welcome to MM

hope you find what you looking for in here
good luck smile


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