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Rob Photosby

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I have a couple of racks of clothing and models always seem to enjoy rummaging through them and often end up with stuff that they really want to be photographed in.  However, I buy very little everyday wear (which a lot of models turn up with), so the collection is largely "party" stuff.

I have of modest supply of shoes and boots, but largely rely on the model to bring what fits them. Ditto for underwear.

I also have a large collection of costume jewellery - it is always well recevied.

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Los Angeles, California, US

I am very happy when a photographer provides wardrobe so long as it is clean and it fits me smile A few clips work when something is a little loose though!

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I used to keep some basic items in case a model forgot wardrobe or brought crap.  Wouldn't just use it "just because" though, would have to be one of the aforementioned situations otherwise you'll shoot it so much you'll get tired of it.  No point in shooting the same dress 7 times for example.  Just keep some stuff for emergencies.

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Mark C Smith

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm glad I found this thread through a Google search as I was about to post one almost identical.

I have a pretty good collection of props and accessories to dip into and was considering adding some more wardrobe, specifically lingerie as I have a line on a pretty decent source to buy a lot or two. My biggest question was whether models would be interested in lingerie (specifically bras and panties) that was provided by the photographer. Seems it might be a bit of a waste of money (or should be considered one-time-use items and the model can keep them if she wants)

I guess I wouldn't want to wear boxer-briefs I didn't buy without tags on them...washed thoroughly or not.

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Sarah Ellis

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Portland, Oregon, US

It's really wonderful when photographers have basic underpinnings - like slips in various colors and scarves and accessories to add to the contributions of the model and wardrobe stylist.  Unfortunately, as others have stated, photographer provided wardrobe can be less than pristine and for germophobes like me this can be really gross.  Just please, please, please, if you include panties in your wardrobe collection - give them to the model after she wears them.

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Christy Yarbrough

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Huntsville, Alabama, US

I keep wardrobe selections on hand.  You can get some great things wholesale at very cheep corsets and lingerie but they look great. Perfect for one time use and most of the time I just let the model keep it. Most of it is very easily used by several sizes.  I also have had friends start just giving me vintage things and one of a kind things for photo shoots. Once you start collecting props and wardrobe, you want believable how easy they are to find.

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Select Models

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Los Angeles, California, US

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Plano, Texas, US

Along with wardrobe, I keep "disposables" handy -- new hair brushes, economy undergarments in case of disasters, etc.  With TF sessions, the rule is "you wear it/use it, you keep it."  Sort of a bonus.

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Shilo Von Porcelaine

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Los Angeles, California, US

I think if the photographer is hiring me and wants me to wear something specific which I don't have, it's their responsibility to provide it anyway unless I'm going to be reimbursed for buying it myself.

Saying that, I think a llama should always show up with underwear (lingerie and just neutral flesh toned), shoes in her size, and her own hairbrush, foundation, ect (even if a hair stylist/makeup artist is provided. I always get asked to either do my eyebrows myself, or do my own foundation because they don't have anything pale enough!) And then if the llama wants to bring her own clothes just in case nothing fits, then that's great too.

Personally, if it's all clean and things I would want in my portfolio that represent me as a llama and that fit, I would love a photographer to supply wardrobe! It means I don't have to carry a huge suitcase on the bus with me!

As for shooting other llamas in something...I really wouldn't be too bothered. Different llamas can bring something entirely different to an outfit.

^This outfit was supplied by the photographer and he has shot it on several other llamas and every time it looks totally new and fresh and awesome based on the styling, the pose, and the effects added in afterwards. There is more that makes a great photo than just an outfit.

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Select Models

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Los Angeles, California, US

Daniel Chase wrote:
I keep a large wardrobe at my studio. I never had a complaint. Thrift stores and estate sales are a great place to source wardrobe.

I provided the same type of information on my post concerning studio wardrobe... yet my comment was deleted and referenced as SPAM... why?

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GER Photography

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Imperial, California, US

I have a closet overflowing with wardrobe, fabrics, props...

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( ANT ) Mgaphoto

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San Diego, California, US

Paige Morgan wrote:
Very few models will be upset with not having to style/provide wardrobe. smile

However, it can be tricky to keep the range of things you might need on hand as a photographer, depending on what genres you want to shoot.

true dat.... I just started gathering stuff to style my models. I have my own ideas and models never have what I want, or normally don't. I use to get a lot of free bikinis from companies but even with that it got boring because all these companies you see are just generic and lame.

also although you do need a lot it is good you have a studio where you can store stuff. I dont have one so it is difficult, but I have basic items I find and then try to get things before I shoot with specific models.

of course my deal is that when im done with the outfit I just donate it to the charity I help. I mean if I can score a blouse, jeans, etc.. for a couple bucks and then donate and have them sold for the same it is basically a win/win situation.

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robert b mitchell

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I have an extensive ladies wardrobe except for undergarments and shoes. The models seem to love it and have even traded time for some of the clothes!!!

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Jaime Lynn Hunt Photography

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Kernersville, North Carolina, US

I have more clothes in my studio than in my own closet. (I lost 20 pounds just so I could start raiding the studio.) I have a shopping addiction and love styling shoots. I feel like I have about half what I need and I'd say I have about 100-150 pieces. Tons of shoes and wigs and bras. No panties, though. Ew.

Models are like kids in a candy shop when they come to the studio.

ETA, almost all my clothing is size 0-6.

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Anna Kl

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Its always nice when a photographer has a selection of props and unique pieces at the studio. One I shot at, had a big walk in closet just for this, cool dresses, masks, props, anything you can use. Very seldom are you going to get models that string the same outfit together.

Sort of childish to be all "im not wearing it if someone else did" - occasionally make some visits to thrift stores, at 20 bucks you can fill a bag of cool photo-shoot shit

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In Balance Photography

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

I just started providing wardrobe - I am still trying to figure out why it is appealing (to me) to do so . Control thing? Maybe.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

In Balance Photography wrote:
I just started providing wardrobe - I am still trying to figure out why it is appealing (to me) to do so . Control thing? Maybe.

For some models, the sexiest outfit they have is a burlap bag. Some show up for a shoot with three different rock band tee shirts. I started picking out outfits I liked from thrift stores and discount lingerie sites. Amazing what you can find for a few bucks.

I then let the model pick out what she likes and wants to wear on the shoot. Sometimes it is a mix and match affair. If she really likes the outfit, I'm willing to give it to her. Sometimes as compensation for that shoot, and other times as a promise for another shoot. Chances are, I am not going to shoot with it again, but she might.

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