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saw this today. i really don't know what to say....


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Waiting for the transfer to OT.

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Drunk Monkey Photo

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omg that was great......needs to run that ad everywhere!

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Yet another reason why I never go on craig's list.

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Ally Moy

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I bet a lot of models didn't read any of it and just sent an email saying "i'm interested" because of the pay listed on it.

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John Horwitz

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no worse than some of the stuff posted on ModelMayhem - oh wait...

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Ed Woodson Photography

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I'd venture a guess that there's a post like that in just about every city in the country at some point in time.

There were a couple of lines in there that didn't make a lot of sense.

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some of our best backdrops came from walmart. lol.

that guy has way too much time on his hands.

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Aaron Pawlak

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I think somebody who had too much time on his hands created the craigslist ad and ruined the humor of it by revealing it as an (obvious) prank at the end.

Also, the equipment used does not make you either professional or talented.

the white knight probably wants to meet girls himself,
and he is the 'nice guy'.

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Kyle T Edwards

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I'm obviously too nit-picky and ignoring the main point of his/her rant.  Here's what had me thinking:

> The way porn has gone, and given how good some FF cameras are, do you really need a medium frame camera just to shoot porn?  I'm fairly certain most viewers aren't too concerned about the detail of the background.

> Since most porn is shot on location, why would you need a linen from Wally World as a backdrop?  That's only for artistic nudity, not wow-chicka-wow, bad 70's music nudity.

> The colour profile issue: When looking at a cut sheet of 3x5 shots to determine whether or not to work with someone, has anyone really said "wow, that's a really nice shot, but you know what?  Something seems wrong...I KNOW!  That first photo is in aRGB and that fifth photo is in pRGB.  I knew something was fishy!"  If this was a magazine, okay, but he's faking for a TF.  If we're gonna be outrageous, let's at least be reasonably outrageous!

> "later I intend to sell the photo's"  "I have a professional lights"  Okay, grammar nazi moment (and no, this isn't a Godwin's Law moment).  You spent all that time working on the advert in the first place, and then didn't take two minutes to read it over at the end?  I would have let the photos/photo's slide, but then you had to go off with that "I have a professional lights" and sound like Cleetus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel.  And you were doing so well, up until then!

But, as Ally said, I'm sure there are already 30 replies to it, asking for details of the shoot!

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-The Dave-

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Rant, via CL, moving to OT... smile

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Shot By Adam

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So I guess my D800 is not a professional camera because it's not Medium Format? And giving legal advice and paperwork to llamas to present to their photographers at the shoot...oh, that's a good one. That will go over like a fart in church too.

It's one thing to be a white knight, it's another to be a white knight who's an asshat.

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Patrick Walberg

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Ally Moy wrote:
I bet a lot of models didn't read any of it and just sent an email saying "i'm interested" because of the pay listed on it.

Oh heck yeah!!!   I sent a reply that I'm interested, and I'm not even a female model!   But for $10,000, I'll get naked!   lol

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Images by SeanK Photo

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Patrick Walberg wrote:

Oh heck yeah!!!   I sent a reply that I'm interested, and I'm not even a female model!   But for $10,000, I'll get naked!   lol


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All Yours Photography

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If you're going to start a thread about a CL ad, you need to copy the ad in your OP.  Odds are that the CL ad will get flagged off fairly soon (this one is gone, but from what I've read here, I'm guessing that it offered $10k for a nude model??).

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