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Marek Emil

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Wayzata, Minnesota, US

I would love to see some winter shot ideas.
Anything in snow or outdoors.

Feb 25 13 07:05 pm Link


Mike Williams Photo

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, US

Chickamauga National Battlefield

Feb 25 13 07:12 pm Link


Hi_Spade Photography

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Florence, South Carolina, US
We don't get much snow here.

Feb 25 13 07:13 pm Link


sara kiesling

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Feb 25 13 08:14 pm Link


Velvet Paper Photo

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Lexington, Kentucky, US

Feb 25 13 08:17 pm Link

Feb 25 13 08:29 pm Link


Flex Photography

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Marlayna in action

Feb 25 13 10:51 pm Link


Michael Broughton

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

does a guy slamming a truck sideways into a tree at full speed on an icy road count?

Feb 25 13 10:59 pm Link


Ian Brooks Photography

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Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

There are several lists associated with this image.  Take a look, they might be what you are looking for.

Feb 26 13 04:35 am Link



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Florence, Toscana, Italy

Take a look at this shoot of the beautiful model Jeannie Kayla:
naturally doing some research you can find many interesting shoot on MM.

Feb 26 13 04:39 am Link



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Louisville, Kentucky, US

Feb 26 13 08:27 am Link