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So I shot this the other day and Has been sitting because I didnt know what to do with it as far as retouching. So I did this thoughts? Lately I've been hating retouching my own work.

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Chase Retouching

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I like it. I think you did a really good job changing and enhancing the colors in a way that's natural but makes a huge difference. The only thing that really sticks out to me is that while you did tweak most everything else, you left the eyebrows the same as the original, so now they blend in a lot compared to the original because of the new skin color. I would make them blacker and higher contrast so that they stand out from her face as much as they do in the original.

Oh, and I wouldn't have removed the freckles on her neck, but I suppose that's more of a stylistic choice.

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I love the color probably remove or subdue the wrinkles on left side of neck and any stray ones (no more retouching needed here) and really work the hair use the other images from shoot to comp those in.

umm, maybe remove some of the hair on her face but yes this is a hair story.

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