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DigitalWorldNY wrote:
Should do a pin - up series

I am not a fan of pin up at all! hmm
But thanks for the suggestion.

Im gonna categorize all your photos in the ugly section for now.
Go read up on photography/ lighting/ models/poses/editing

Apply all that and then come back

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Rachel Love

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Please tell me!!

Mar 27 13 10:59 am Link


Spade Photo

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Rake me over the coals.

Mar 28 13 10:15 am Link


Ashayla Webster

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How about something a little vintage Bridget Bardot?

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RachelReilly wrote:
I'm jumping on this wagon smile

Just lil ole me, if you care for my opinion
I will tell your good, bad, and ugly.
But first i'd like you to give me idea an idea/inspiration for what you think I should do for my next shoot!

Everyone is welcome to play smile

Your look is GORGEOUS!! Especially your skin tone. From my observation you've done primarily studio work. I would suggest more photos where sunlight is your primary source. This can be done indoors as well with a large window.

I'm relatively new I would love to hear some critique of my photos as well.... THANKS! ☺

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Like everyone else has been saying, try more color.  Maybe something at sunset?  I love sunset shots!

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Sharkie Mac

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I'd like to play please - trying to narrow down the shots in my port.

I think you should do something with bold matte multi coloured eye makeup, making the model's eyes really stand out and matching the outfit, and also something with crazy hair - like a really artistic stand up style rather than natural. Just for something different smile

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AJ Beckton

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If you're still doing th is I'd be interested in your opinion!

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Genny Rebekah

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If you don't mind, I'm new enough it might not take as long. I would really appreciate your opinion smile

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Lilly Cane

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I really like the idea of a sunrise beach, swimwear shoot. Or even with glamour/fashion wear.

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Leone P

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I would love to see some big statement avent garde fashion with big head pieces and soft lighting. Perhaps in an abandoned hose, on a flight of steps. Grandure and grime. x

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Classy Dame Plus Model

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Me, please! I've completely redone my port in 4 months and in desperate need of some honest feedback! Thank you!

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Sharkie Mac

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I don't think this is being played anymore, the last response was in late March!

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Matthew Gwinn

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I suggest something bloody and horrific.
Or steampunk

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Di March

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i don't know if i will be repeating someone else saying this but i think you need more variety in poses 'cos there are simply too many crouching once. You should know what i mean...the models in your pics look a bit closed in and definitely need more color.
Having couple of shots in the nature would be great or a classy house
Maybe a candy or ice cream girl since summer is approaching smile

May 24 13 12:18 am Link


Alexa I

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Me please smile just starting out

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Sure. smile

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Inspiration for your next shoot? How about something darker, like a goth or soft horror theme? Halloween will be here before we know it wink

I'd also love to hear your thoughts! <3

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