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Dale Jackson

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Hey everyone. I'm new to everything so I'm looking forward to connect and network with photographers.

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

Hello, and welcome to MM, best of luck to you.

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

Welcome and best of luck on MM!

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SJG Photo

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Pottstown, Pennsylvania, US

Hello, I am new as well! Good luck to you, and may you have success! smile

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Jefferson City, Missouri, US

Hey everyone!! I'm new here and just getting a feel for the place, but I want to thank everybody for welcoming me so kindly and for all the nice comments and adding me to lists!! it's wonderful to be here!! smile

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San Antonio, Texas, US

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

Im also new here and looking for networks and connections. An best of luck to all of you

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robert b mitchell

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Best of luck to all the Newbies. May you do

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Danielle Hieronimi

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Dale Ray Jackson wrote:
Hey everyone. I'm new to everything so I'm looking forward to connect and network with photographers.

Welcome to MM.

The best thing you can do is thoroughly fill out your profile and post a local availability notice in the casting/travel section of the site.

Best of luck to you!

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Chris Blades

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San Diego, California, US

Welcome! Read up the warnings about scams because new llamas are targeted by the scammers all the time!

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R Michael Walker

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Costa Mesa, California, US

Best of luck..and MM requires you to keep a minimum of 4 images at all times. the OP only has 2. Take the time to fix that ASAP. It would probably just result in a warning if they catch it but...

Mar 13 13 05:15 pm Link