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Paolo Diavolo

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Martinez, California, US

Welcome to a new decade of your life, you sexy-ass mofo!

Mar 17 13 01:46 pm Link


Gabrielle Heather

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Middle Island, New York, US

Happy Birthday! Miss seeing you!

Mar 17 13 04:57 pm Link



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Hippy Burpday!

Mar 17 13 07:21 pm Link



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HBD, G!  big_smile

Mar 18 13 11:06 am Link


Wicked Photos

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happy berfday, brotha!!

another year older. still the same everything else.

Mar 18 13 12:01 pm Link


Bek Ruszin

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Where is Gryph and his lovely asian hair?!?!

Mar 18 13 06:20 pm Link


Cosplay Creatives

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DivaEroticus wrote:
Hippy Burpday!


For all others:

Back to retirement from MM.

Mar 20 13 07:38 pm Link


Gabrielle Heather

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Middle Island, New York, US

=Didnt know you were retiring. Thought it was just a break. You are missed in the chat room when it happens. At least I was thinking that the other day. It's odd how it goes in phases of who goes in; and when and if and all that.

Im not in there much, but I think there are some people in there randomly, regularly? I could be wrong. You should come hang out. IF you do, bump the thread,  please. So we (I) know you are there. Im around at night.

Mar 20 13 08:53 pm Link