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TheoAllen Model Photography

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So, as stated, I have added a few new shots and am looking for a critique on overall portfolio and each image. Please ID the actual images you are talking about.

Thanks all.


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Ted... love the color harmonies here...

That said, have you considered the merit of a fill flash (at one stop under ambient) to bring life (the sparkle of catch lights) to this talent's eyes... having them recede into shadow doesn't seem to work well in this enchanting narrative... believe most all digital cameras come empowered with flash now...

btw, this image has lost detail in the highlights (surf) a stop under might have helped... that's the merit of adding fill flash to the mix, allows for more perceived breath in tonal range...

Artistic cropping above the knee might be another consideration... if you page through VOGUE you'll not likely find many captures truncated between the knee/ankle... study the works of the masters in your local art galleries... understand the how & why of effective compositional elements... there are compelling reasons they have endured for centuries... 

all the best on your journey...

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As with the photo above and this one and this one...........  Be more careful cropping in camera and off.  Chopping off limbs is an art mentioned above, it takes a special kind of serial killer to know how to do that!...haha. If you do it right it doesn't look like a mistake.

I think you are doing pretty good aside from that.  Not really much to pick on. I would just say keep shooting and practice practice practice......

Best of luck to you!


Disclaimer....I am not an expert!...I am just a noob trying to help a little bit.

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TheoAllen Model Photography

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San Mateo, California, US

Thanks guys, will keep all mentioned in mind :-)

Anyone else?

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