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Hi All,

I am looking into buying myself a portable Make-up mirror, with it being quite a costly venture I'm interested in what other MUA'a opinions on this?
Any particularly good products I should look for or bad ones I should avoid?
Any pros/cons with the make-up mirrors you already have?
What doesn't it have that you need, what could it lose?
Anything in particular I should be looking at when looking at mirrors to make my decision?

I usually work in TV/Film and occasionally the odd wedding or photo shoot.

All help appreciated!!

Thanks x

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+1! This has been in on my mind too. I use a Zuca bag, so to carry around a "hollywood lights" style mirror for clients would be helpful. Maybe in backpack form?

However, the Glamcor Multimedia model seems appealing. … t-kit.html

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Amy Pilkington wrote:
...buying myself a portable Make-up mirror... other MUA'a opinions on this?

Amy rarely find need for a mirror, albeit some "retail" i.e. bridal clients might enjoy it... that said for bridal, I've already done a trial session so little need for one at event application... If there is one available then I might use it to check the finished look from behind the talent... this indeed has merit and might be a reason to use one...

But in all honest, pulling my wheeled kit, and carrying chair is about all I can handle in one trip... However I always bring collapsible light stands with an assortment of color balanced bulbs to match the source of the event/shoot... For me it's a must have... been force to paint face in a dark corner one too many times...

Amy Pilkington wrote:
...Anything in particular I should be looking at...  I usually work in TV/Film... wedding or photo shoot...

The most important factor (at least for me) is working by good illumination (either side of the talent, definitely NOT overhead which casts shadows in the critical eye area) Also helps to work by the color source of the event/shoot etc...  incandescent 3200K (most interior illumination) daylight 5600K  It's wise to ask the individual(s) in responsible charge what color temperature will the filming to done by... they will most likely know and be happy to provide the aforementioned... florescent bulbs are now available in a spectrum of color temperatures and are very cost effective.

As for an actual mirror? Occasionally while shooting on location I will use one to provide reflected (sunlight) back-lighting to place a halo behind the talent's hair... For this I use a plexiglass mirror... glass is both extremely heavy and breaks easily... plexiglass is nearly indestructible... much easier and far safer to handle...

hope this helps...

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Any more thought on this?

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Michael Key

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It has been rare when I've needed to bring my own but I have this one for those times when I did:

Best design and built to last.

Having said that...there is a really light weight one I just saw by Tas Merah that would be good if you don't need a lot of light:

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