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Kami Mahoney

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Denver, Colorado, US

Please tell me why you would or would not work with me. And what photos are not helping me and why. Plus any other critique you have based on my portfolio. Don't be afraid to be honest!

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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Riverton, Utah, US

You need some more natural looking images that feature your ability to model with your whole body. The images you have are okay to start. In my opinion, I'd use this one as your avatar instead of the one you have now, it has a better match between your expression, pose, and mood and I think it's your best so far:

Conversely, this one looks like it made it into your portfolio by accident. It doesn't show your ability to model and features more the gentleman than yourself. I'd take it out:

As you keep modeling, tap the photographer market for a unique blend of styles to add to your portfolio so it doesn't all start to look the same.

Good luck!

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David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This one is lovely.  Great job with the hair and makeup.  This one would make me want to shoot with you.

You look good in the bottom of this, but the top photo makes you seem very short.  I realize you're bending over, but it is difficult to tell how much.

These are your worst I think...

Photos with so much retouching that the skin no longer looks real are not attractive.  This is no exception and there is something lacking in the overall execution of this.

I hope that's helpful.

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Fist Full of Ish

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Richland, Washington, US

I think you'd be a great subject.  Between art, bodypaint, and bizarre concepts, we should find common ground.

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Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Two things:

- the make up could be more subtle/natural for portfolio images
- your expressions don't vary a lot

other than that, great port!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

As a model you have a great look, with super long legs

But as your photos go none really showcase you as a professional model
Do you notice the big fan behind your head? That is a big distraction
For me the eyebrows are clashing with your hair color
This is what I would call a frumpy pose in front of a busy background
Beautiful model
Know your body, in this your hips are being shown to the camera at their widest point, simply stand on an angle to camera [slimming effect]

As to working with you, yes I think you could produce some remarkable images

Wish you well

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