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Margo Frances H

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Los Angeles, California, US

looking for the advice of experienced professionals.

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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

You have a good connection with the camera, great eyes! Good looks. You just need better photographers to work with. Also practice daily so you can improve and show more emotions, facial expressions, etc. over exposed...too bright. over exposed...washed out details over exposed, out of focus, bad crop

Just my novice opinion.....

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Jean Renard Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

If you want to work in this business and have a non traditional  look, then it is important to balance the basics of marketing with personal expression and branding.

For anyone on the client side, we would have no clue as to what you look like today.  Did you used to have a Mohawk and are now blonde or are you brown two tone? Are these wigs, etc... therefore we pass on you without a second thought.  Not good.

Next the photos are awful.  They do nothing for you.  IF this is a hobby and you are having fun mm, then cool, if as your third person bio seems to imply, you want to make a real go of it, then understand your market, rise to the level of your competition and prove your worth to the client base.  None of this is easy, but all of it is mandatory.

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