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I would love any ratings on pictures 1-10 scale

1 worse to 10 best

I haven't received any feedback on my new avatar so preferably for that shoot, any feedback on if basic theme was good or advice on what to do better. Any ratings on other pictures is great too!

I will glady return with gratitude, comments, or ratings if wished.

However cannot sign away my soul...


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The Gross Bite

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Sorry, no 1-10 number ratings. I can't keep 10 different levels of ANYTHING straight, let alone something as subjective as images.

I'll comment on your avatar.
Might be a nice image and your current 'fav'... but as an avatar... nope.

1. It's landscape orientation. They show up smaller than portrait orientation images in the MM scheme of things. That makes them harder to 'read'.

2. It's basically one color - brown. Primary color attracts attention. I'd suggest something like

3. It's a full length shot so your face is basically a tiny clump of pixels. Not good!
Okay, your legs are in a strange position and might be interesting. Notice I said 'might' - no guarantees.

So, as an avatar your current image has a couple of strikes against it.

Just my opinion.

PS No comments, etc., required.

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Bravo Magic Images

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This gets a 7+ on my book.

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