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I have only had 4 shoots thus far. Been going over different projects with the same people I have worked with from this site, it has been amazingly fun!!

I just don't know where to go from here. Obviously expanding and gaining more experience with as many photographers as possible, but I don't know what will benefit my port. Any feedback on what will help or what is hurting my profile or pictures???

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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From your bio: "I'm very interested in shoots that are a little different or out there."

I'll make a brief suggestion that I hope helps you get more of the work you want. If you want more of this type of work, get some good images in your portfolio that match that criteria. Being in this industry is just like any other job in that to get a really good one, you need experience, and to get good experience you need a good job. Contradiction, right? Easy solution: take out things that are opposite of what you want to be shooting. This includes images like these:
(Gown is cute, image not so much)
(Generally speaking, railroad tracks are one of the most cliched images in the industry)

This is one of your best:

Good luck!

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The Gross Bite

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Here's the deal: You can either wait (and hope) some local photographer will come up with an 'out-of-the-box' idea and approach you, or YOU can come up with the idea and approach a photographer.

At this stage of your career, I'd suggest YOU come up with the ideas.

Folks who wait for something to happen are frequently disappointed: folks who MAKE something happen are the ones who get results.

Just my opinion. Good luck!

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your beautiful...but..what will make a tog pay....I would work with you but I have many models that will you have to bring your game up

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