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Octavia Talese Gosselin

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San Diego, California, US

Hi! I just started modeling this month. I have only done two shoots, which are the ones in my portfolio. There are more pictures, but I have yet to receive them all.

I have another shoot soon so all the advice will be used and much appreciated. The shoot is a surf style/ bikini/ beach shoot. Advice for this would be nice too.

I did my own makeup (I am NOT a pro mua, obviously lol), and used my own clothes. All pics with natural hair so far. I plan to do some with straight, with extensions, and different hair colors.

I was hoping I could get some straight forward critique. No need to be nice and sugar coat unless you really feel that way. (:

What type of modeling would work best for me?
What type of shots should I do?
Ways to fix weaknesses?
Best and worse photo?
Overall potential?

Anything would be helpful, thank you!

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Keith Allen Phillips

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San Diego, California, US

For having just started modeling you look very relaxed in front of the camera. Honestly, I think you just need to work with photographers that can give you better images.

It doesn't hurt to smile occasionally too. Look like you're having fun:)

This is the best images you have so far I think

And this one just needs to go.

Good luck!

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Octavia Talese Gosselin

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San Diego, California, US

Thank you! Advice taken. I deleted the b and w and uploaded another from the shoot you liked. (:

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

I agree with the above and I'll add that when choosing images to put in your port, only choose the very best of the best. Understand what that means and follow it. Your port is only as strong as the weakest image.

Also don't display multiple images of any given look. We only need one. 2 - 5 images of the same sundress in the same location doesn't do you any justice. Pick only the very best one and use that.

Quality is always better than quantity.

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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Riverton, Utah, US

^As others have already told you, this image is great for a few reasons.

1) The pose is very elegant and flattering to your shape.
2) That dress fits you so well it makes me want to buy it--and that, my friend, is a spectacular thing.
3) You're standing at a good angle to the window's light

The only thing I'd adjust about it is the background elements that are slightly distracting. The family photo, the ribbon on the side table, the stack of images to your left. If those weren't there I'd see this fitting well into a commercial or possibly editorial genre. Do more shoots with that dress. smile

^This one would be a good image if your arm wasn't cut out of the frame. I realize that's the photographer's fault but that element is very distracting.

^Compared to the rest of your portfolio, this is one of your weakest. You look tired and uninterested and your hands and wall are the brightest things in the shot; point-and-shoot quality. You have enough better images that taking this one out would be to your advantage.

A final tip. When you choose your next photographer, look for someone who doesn't crop at the joints. That will make it easier for you to get better images as you gain more experience.

Good luck!

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Rowen Bellamy

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

You do look very relaxed and make some fantastic shapes with your body which make the eye slow down and take in each picture individually. The one thing I would work on is expressions, I see a lot of the semi-sullen model face, which works, but gets boring after a while. I do love that there is at least one shot of your lovely smile, but its full body. I'd love to see one or two head shots with a bit more variety in the expression.

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Well at 5'8" I would put in more commercial images, smiles and lifestyle.  You already look relaxed and natural and I think that may be your best bet for marketability.  Try to find a good commercial photographer who is willing to work with you and your escort...

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Orlando, Florida, US

I think you should come to Florida and shoot with everyone named "SOS" immediately  .  .  .  wink  Wonderful look, shape and attitude, just start adding some variety, and hold on  .  .  .  now, how soon can ya be here  .  .  .


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