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Rachael Bueckert

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Like the title says smile
Be harsh or mean or whatever xD

Also I'd like to know what you'd give me for an hourly rate, or just TF, not at all tongue

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

First of all, critiques can't be "harsh or mean"; they gotta be "constructive" according to MM 'rules'.

I'm presuming your new images are this one and the other 'window' shot.

Of the two, this is the better as your face isn't affected by the reflections. For my two cents, you could delete the other 'window' image and nobody would care ('cept maybe the photographer - if he thinks it's 'arty').

The two images are similar, and one in your portfolio is enough. See how 'constructive' I'm being!

Just my opinion.

PS: On the hourly rate - we'd negotiate something. I quit doing TF anything - too many no-shows, etc.

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Wichita, Kansas, US

although your beautiful..I would gain nothing at my lowly skill level so could not offer pay...TF..yes....get all kinds of TF from models

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Houston, Texas, US

Assuming, as did the poster above, that the two through-the-window shots are the ones you're interested in having critiqued, I don't think either one does anything for you. You are barely recognizable and your lovely features are obscured. The images might do something for the photographer's portfolio (or not) but they really don't add anything worthwhile to yours. You have some truly stunning images. These drag your portfolio down rather than lifting it up.

As for what I would give you for an hourly rate: nothing, because you don't shoot nudes. You may have some commercial potential, but I have to leave it to others to tell you what that might be.

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Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

My only suggestion would be that if I were you, I`d delete this photo:
It`s pretty but not focused or detailed, and the photograpy isn't beneficial to your portfolio.

Other than that, your portfolio is seriously stunning! If I were a photographer, I'd work with you in a heartbeat! smile

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David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This one makes me want to hop on a plane.  Love your expression and the overall mood of this.

This one is also very good.  Great expression (facial and body) and very direct connection with the photographer/viewer.

You have a unique look and there is a real personality that shows through in your photos.  I would definitely shoot with you.  I generally do trade shoots here on MM, but if you were in my area (or looking to travel in my area) I would be open to discussing your rates for a shoot.

Mar 31 13 04:29 pm Link