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C Lyons

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Lillington, North Carolina, US

First off thank you for taking the time to stop by. I consider myself an amateur photographer with lots of goals and determination. I would like an honest critique of my port and about me section. My goal is to become a better photographer.

Thanks for your time.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

My opinion is composition need some work
The area between the models chest and side of image is a gap, this allows the viewers eyes to wander off the page, also referred to as a “Gutter” simple fix crop a bit off right side of photo
Same issue as the other photo plus too much space at top of image
In this photo you have the model too centered
This would be a great time to use rule of thirds [if unfamiliar try Goggling it]
This is a reasonable composition
For more dynamics do not have head and body face same direction
Lint on shirt
Wrinkled backdrop photo right
[Could Photoshop background to smooth it out]

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John Horwitz

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Raleigh, North Carolina, US

I see nothing to recommend your work or writing.

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David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I agree that photos such as these ones have composition issues.

This shot shows me you have a good grasp of studio lighting - epecially for placement of accent light as on the model's left side here.  The composition of this is also better, but I wonder about the colours.  Why the bright blue background?  I think this photo would have been much more effective on a dark grey background (maybe that's just my personal preference).  I am also not a fan of the white watch here - it does not seem prominent enough to be the subject, but prominent enough to be distracting.

The lighting here is not nearly as good as your studio lighting.  The eyes are dark and lifeless and her shoulder, nose and forehead are the brightest parts of the image.  I am guessing that the main subject here is the hair, but I don't get why you've chosen such a natural setting and backdrop for this style.  It seems out of place to me.

My recommendation would be to simplify your shoots and be very selective of what you include in the frame.  This includes styling for the model, choice of background (and colour).  If you are going to add sunglasses, a tinfoil dress, or a brightly coloured background - be sure that it adds to the photo.

I hope that's helpful.

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New York, New York, US

+1 for composition. maybe check out a couple workshops in your area with more experienced photographers. Your portrait lighting works, but maybe expand into different lighting schema's too to play with in addition to composition. Good luck!

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C Lyons

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Lillington, North Carolina, US

Thanks to everyone for your helpful advise. I will work on my composition and come back for more advise. Just need to find a model with the patience to put up with a new photographer. smile

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