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Hi MM.

It's hard to get some good Critique as most forums don't have professional fashion photographers, but I know MM has to have a ton. I will take critique from anyone, but I am mainly looking for critique from photographers who test with major agencies since that's what I am starting.

Any advice on what I'm doing right vs. wrong would be greatly appreciated as well. Regardless of what type of photographer you are I'd still love to hear everyone's input!

Edit: Well.. here's a couple of images.

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Of the three you've posted with this critique request, I'd keep only the middle one, and would crop it top and bottom, and would advise more visually-informed cropping/framing in general.  Checked your MM portfolio also, and the first one there is also "OK for now." perhaps.

I noticed also that those posted in your MM portfolio are a bit dark. I've found that when I convert from DNG to JPEG, it helps to boost the brightness and/or white point a bit afterwards, and before posting them here, as the luminance seems to diminish during MM's upload process.

As to improvements possible, I like the locations for the first two MM portfolio shots, but the poses aren't all that wonderful. I'd go for more dynamism and action, and bringing the model into the foreground a bit more.

Realize that when you are just starting to shoot with the agencies, they are going to send you only their newest models - a chance for both of you to develop your skills. Your model wasn't that skilled yet at conveying much with her body or face, so it's not ALL your fault, although your becoming a director skilled enough to overcome that will also be necessary.

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Jacob Skogs wrote:
..critique from photographers who test with major agencies since that's what I am starting...

then start here...
Carefully study the imagery used on their Development boards (women) amd (men)

please allow me cut to the chase...
After reviewing the fashion folios of your commercial web site it was painfully obvious you have absolutely no male talent in your book, that will assure you're ignored by any agency of merit... additionally you lack ethnic diversity in your book... again that is a serious issue...

So you want to shoot fashion?
Here's your competition...

Jacob I'm trying to be proactive here for you...
Would suggest you seriously consider collaborating with a full team, add diversity to your book i.e. male talent, Asian faces, and women/men of color...

However the tried and true path into shooting for agencies is to assist other commercial photographers who do just that... Assisting is possibly the best way for one to get their head around what REALLY is required at the commercial level...

Once you feel you've mastered your tools/craft and added diversity to your portfolio then visit with bookers at the agencies in your market... ask them what visual statement they need for their clients... and provide the aforementioned...

all the best on your journey...

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