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Margo Frances H

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Orca Bay Images

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That sounds reasonable.

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SF Valley Photo

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That depends entirely on your demand.  Try charging what you think you're worth and adjust up or down based upon the amount of work you're getting.

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Erika Rieck

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I am a new model and I don't know what to charge? I seen models charge anywhere from $25 to 100. I don't want to charge to little or to much. I was thinking about like $30.
Then I seem some models add two hours mim.  Help?

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Every market is different and rates are far from standard in the freelance world.  You can take start low and work your way up based on how much work you are getting.  This will change over time, consider it an ongoing process.

In the end its really about if you have a look that people are willing to pay for or not.

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Photos by DeanR

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Margo Hamman wrote:

What happened to the post?

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