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I am a new photographer trying to build a more professional portfolio and hoping to find some new models who aren't my friends to take pictures of. I have been taking pictures for four years and have been using a facebook page to display my work. I would really like some feedback from people who don't know me personally so I can have a clear idea of what people think of my photography, I saw that there was a critique forum but I am a little bit to shy and inexperienced to put my work up there for the experienced people to possibly rip apart, any feedback would be awesome.

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Kelly Anne-Marie wrote:
Welcome to MM!

For a critique it has to be in a critique forum,sorry.

Kelly Anne is correct, we cannot give feedback here in the newbie section.
Read this:
And this:

and here:

Ask here, but be ready for full brutal honesty or opinions.

You may want one of these:
Photo mentor:

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