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Allie Heartsong

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Plainfield, Illinois, US

Hi, I'm Allie and I'm new to this site. Any tips and critiques are certainly welcome. If there are any photographers, hair dressers, make-up artists, or models who would like to work with me to help build my portfolio it would be much appreciated! I am currently living in Illinois and am willing to travel up to an hour away for paid work, and half an hour away for unpaid work. smile

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Yan Tan Tethera

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Biggleswade, England, United Kingdom

Warm welcome Allie

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Welcome to MM. Some feedback from the critique forums may provide some helpful guidance

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Melly mel

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Melly mel wrote:
MELLY MEL....Please Stop Spamming!!!

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