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FACETIME is a two part Interactive Networking Event

We're really starting to realize how small the industry is and how many of our industry friends and in some cases real life friends know each other, We want to invite all of you and your friends to a monster day of fun.

We want to invite and welcome you all to FACETIME! An Interactive Networking Event!

Once again, we are hitting you with the only one of its kind, FACETIME!

The first half of the event (approx 10am till 1am) will be a large scale photoshoot / networking opportunity!

Meet & Work with multiple Photographers, Models, Make-Up Artists, Designers, Bodypainters, & Hairstylist all working together in a relaxed, free-minded and respectful environment.

Two separate lighting setups will be provided for your use on two separate floors in the 3000 sq ft bi-level NYCARTSCYPHER event space! Photographers, feel free to bring your own equipment as well.

All this taking place at the NYCArtsCypher in Staten Island! The walls are covered in gorgeous graffiti going with the theme of the event and other artwork, the floor is even covered in art upstairs!

Everyone will exchange info and receive images from the event for their portfolios.

Many Gorgeous models will be in attendance guaranteed!
Entrance fees:

General Entry: 10
Photographers: 50
Models: 25
Makeup Artists: Free if doing makeup for the models
Body Painters: Free if painting models
Stylists and Designers: Free if providing wardrobe for the models for the day
Performers: 50

Part two of the evening (approx 7pm-1am) will be an after-party style atmosphere with live DJs spinning all night! We will have performances by up and coming artists from around the tri-state area brought to you by Soulsa Productions.

We'll also be featuring up and coming D.J.'s rock to add to the vibe throughout the day!

Oh, and Bring your wallets people! We'll be having vendors from all the arts peddling their craft.

We are looking for artists (in all forms) and vendors to come and partake in the biggest networking PARTY!!!! you've ever been to! Look out there will few more annoncements,

The event benefits the NYCARTSCYPHER a 501c3 non-profit organization which promotes positive values through arts and entertainment to todays youth.

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