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Tim Foster

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New York, New York, US

I'm trying to keep my portfolio to 12 strong images that are representative of my style. Let me know what you think I should toss.

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Guss W

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Clearwater, Florida, US

Tim, you're getting better and better as time passes.  The one image that you absolutely positively should drop is the one of yourself in the About section. 

So you want pictures representative of your style, but you haven't told us what that is, so I'll guess...  An interest in light, good taste in models, a fondness for a natural look with minimal editing, inclusion of an environment that adds an intriguing and possibly disturbing feel.

I'll go through some, giving my reasons for liking or disliking:

Woman with knife - Blood is just soo MM.  I wish you could have found another prop, but you are in the right place for it.  Otherwise, I could enjoy the image.

Woman in vehicle - Love the lighting atmospherics, but the angle on the face - looking into the side of the jaw - could have been better.

Women with cigarettes - You immediately turn off a certain proportion of your audience.  But if that's your style...

B&W of woman in fur vest - Lacking the environment of your typical style.  Lacking a well-defined center of interest.  Dull vertical lines.  I'd nominate this one to be dropped.

Reclining nude with sheets - I kind of like this because of the way the little body shapes mimic the folds of the sheets.  It is not as strong as your others, though.  In particular, the flatness of the arm on the floor bothers me.

Guy in fur - I would have liked to have seen more textural development in this.  I think if you had sort of spotlighted the head and let the light fall off on the fur, it would not have blown out the fur detail.

Girl on street near white wall - I'm going to disagree with a previous poster - Keep this.  You've captured the feel of that low-angle light.  It gives me the sense of being there.  You might try to Photoshop out your shadow, though.

Mud girl - Perhaps I'm missing out on a fetish market somewhere, but this has no appeal to me.  For all I know, I'm missing a lot of sales.

Model in orange dress - Looks like a runway shot where you missed the right moment.  Very static.

Topless against tree - Looks like a beginning strobist shot.  The intensity of lighting on the foliage is distracting from the lovely subject.  I'd suggest turning it into a B&W, then work in Photoshop with the Burn tool to tone down the foliage.

Keep at it!

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