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About this Workshop
The Beauty Industry is one of the few recession proof sectors of photography.

Beauty photography requires a unique skill set of precise lighting, and because of the compact working area, exceptional creativity.

This course will teach you how to manipulate light and build better techniques though a live shoot demonstration and lecture.

You Will Learn
This class is about all Lighting, Technique and Creativity.

Lighting Ratios
Lighting Textures & Transitions
Mixing Lighting Textures
Modifiers – Concentrators and Expanders
Lens compression issues
Hue, Contrast, Saturation and Luminosity
Charting Out Lighting Patterns
Color Balancing Your Strobes
Adding Up The Light
Lighting For Hair Care Advertising
Lighting For Cosmetics Advertising
Live Canvas – Model Selection
The Dance – Model Direction
Strategizing For The Small Canvas
You will watch as these principal and practices are put to use during a Live Beauty Shoot Demonstration.

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