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Patricia Salyers

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I would appreciate anything you have to say honestly, criticism and all. I am new to modeling and I want to pursue a career in this. I am very serious about this and any advice or other will be very much appreciated. This critique request is for everything Bio, photos, posing, honestly I need all of the help I can get smile

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Guss W

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Clearwater, Florida, US

The current images aren't telling us that much about you.  I think the main problem is your location.  If you can get in front of more photographers, I think there is some potential there.  Try to schedule some trips to big cities and post a note in the casting section that you are looking for photographers for TF work.

An additional thought - In your About Me section, cut out anything not directly related to photography.

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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^In this image you look like you have a headache. Having a makeup less image in your portfolio is very helpful when someone is looking to hire you; I suggest retaking the image and engaging more with the camera is all.

You have a lovely lean body. Try making more complex shapes with your body when you pose. You also have lovely lips. Add some more expressions to your toolbox and that will help to keep your portfolio alive.

Good luck!

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Marin Photography NYC

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Get the hell out of Kentucky!

That would be a great start....(not sarcastic)

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Yevgeniya Fedorov

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I would really study the angles of your face, I think that is key in a photo. Your body of work is great so keep practicing.

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You have a great look; this is the closest photo you have to looking like a model

How ever the photo looks like it was shot in some ones back yard with an old car that is missing two lug nuts on the left front wheel. Speaking of missing where are your feet?

At 5’ 8” and 100 pounds and your wonderful looks, with the right photographer and support team you will create some incredible images.

Wish you well

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Ron McKinney

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Bottom line is you need some professional photography of yourself if you're going to be taken seriously in the industry.  Find the best photographers in your part of the state and get some shoots.

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Ginger Rothestein

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Wilmington, North Carolina, US

You have a unique look and an excellent body, but I would work on some new poses and facial expressions. You look uncomfortable or bored in many of your images. I struggle with the same problem from time to time, I'd suggest finding a few talentedphotographers in your area and see if any would be willing to shoot tf, or negotiate a rate that's in your price range. In the meantime, browse images that inspire you, and practice recreating them either with a friend or in the mirror. Sounds silly, but it's actually kind of fun and definitely worthwhile!

Good luck

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Jorge Kreimer

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As you know I really like your look and think you have a lot of potential. It's all about working with better photographers who know how to shoot, and how to direct a model.

Best of luck,


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Jorge Kreimer wrote:

As you know I really like your look and think you have a lot of potential. It's all about working with better photographers who know how to shoot, and how to direct a model.

Best of luck,


I'd work with you
And w your stats, move to a city w an actual fashion industry. If you're serious about modeling.

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