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Geof Biglane

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

I was thinking of setting up shoot at club ed in lancaster california July. The date is not set yet, and I am flexible in july. I am looking for 1 or 2 more photographers willing to share the $2750 cost for the 12 hour day. We can also either get our own models or pull together our resources and hire a couple of them and share them. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Geof Biglane

Here is the awesome location.

Also any models in the area interested, please message me.

Apr 21 13 08:20 am Link



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Pasadena, California, US

Ive always wanted to shoot out there...Incredible location...a dream shoot with the right model(s)..but thats a ton of cash. Maybe among 5-8 photogs? Then I'd definitely sign up... Good luck with this...honestly, I do hope it picks up interest.

May 19 13 07:08 pm Link


SPV Photo

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I might be interested, but yeah that's a lot of money.

May 20 13 01:58 pm Link


Wicked LA Pix

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Yucaipa, California, US

I agree- If you could get a couple photographers together to split the cost it would be an awesome shoot. If you can figure it out please let me know as I would be interested.

May 22 13 12:22 pm Link



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I'd be interested. great location... and with the right models this would be killer.

May 22 13 10:41 pm Link


Images Maker

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Salinas, California, US

If everyone here talk the talk and do the walk, then there will be 6 so far. I did email him when he first post the event. And was interested, if there is enough interest.

May 24 13 08:25 am Link