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T R McCoy

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Snohomish, Washington, US

I'm scattered revamping my portfolio layout. Just got jaded and robotic organization wise. Keep in mind it's torn up now. I'm looking for input on putting it back together.

Comments on what could make the general portfolio easier to navigate sought. In addition feel free to critique any shots still up while i do this.
I'm about unfocused enough already to just put up 75 albums with 3 radically different shots each of individual models. 

How do you as models prefer your shots to be grouped in your photographers portfolio's.

Damn, now I'll have to remember I started a topic (new to me) and look here. feel free to pm, tag, post or point out what missed the mark here or direct. I'm coming from a newsie background into art and have a thick skin. First time asking for critique from other than editors. 

i will now duck, arlie

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