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Louisville, Kentucky, US

I'm headed to Cincy on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  I'll be available to shoot anywhere between Louisville, KY and there.  I'm open to either paid work or trade- depending on what you're wanting to shoot and if it fits with what I need as well.   

A few things to know-

I'm running light on wardrobe.  Chances are, if you see it in my port, I no longer have that particular item. sad  Therefore- TFWardrobe (shoes, nice lingerie/shoot wardrobe) - even YESSER.

I HAVE to be in Cincinatti at 5pm, till at least 9pm.  Other than that, I can make arrangements.

If you don't want to pay my full rate, don't have anything you feel like trading, but you want to shoot me- call a friend.  I don't care if there's one photographer or four photographers on the set, and I still charge a flat hourly rate.  Or make me an offer, and see if I say yes.  There's a chance I'll have an hour to fill in and I'm willing to take less to do so.

I can provide hair and makeup within reason, but if you just happen to have HMUA that is available, I'll either TF or drop my hourly rate significantly- I like making the absolute best images possible.

I do fetish content and stills.  Chances are, no matter WHAT you're thinking of shooting, someone has suggested it in the past, so don't be afraid to ask me if I'll shoot content that involves dressing up like a circus clown and popping balloon poodles with a sharpened lollipop stake. smile  The worst that can happen is I say no.

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