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Hey there,

So I have this photo from a new photographer, and it's quite different than anything I've done in quite a while. I'm wondering, however, where I should put it. I have three folders--Dance, Glamour, and Fashion--and it doesn't seem to exactly fit into any. I feel that it's half glamour (even though it's "covered," a lot of people think it's super-sexy), and half-fashion (it looks like a fashion photo, but it's a raggy old shirt with minimal makeup).

Obviously, it doesn't belong in the dance section. wink

What do you think? Where should I put it?

Thanks! smile

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What is the purpose of the photo?

Pose wise would prefer to see a long beautiful neck, how ever your shoulder is up so it is shortening its appearance. Also photos seem to work out best when elbows are not pointed at camera

When you show me your elbow and that much left arm, would really like to see your hand

Will also say the photo treatment might work best in a photographer’s portfolio, because when I am looking at a models portfolio I want to see what she looks like

Where does it belong, in your personal favorites?

Wish you well

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Well, you're the first person who doesn't like it, so....

Anyway, I'm going to post it. It's one of my best-loved images in the real modeling world, which is saying a lot, considering that I only got it yesterday.

I was asking which album it belongs in, not whether or not you like it, but thank you.

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