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Chels Renee

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Hello all smile Looking at get some feedback based on my portfolio/profile...

Would you work with me?

If no, why not?

What do you like/dislike about my profile?

Thanks in advance loves

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

What do I dislike?

Headings (Wardrobe, Travel, etc.) on the paragraphs in your profile. It may seem like it makes finding specific info easier, but it discourages folks reading all the way through your profile. Bad thinking... and you have a lot of 'negatives' in your profile. Folks don't want to see 'negatives', they want to see 'positives' that reinforce their desire to shoot with you.

I'd also rethink and rearrange the paragraphs. What photographers want to know is what can/will you do for them, and at what cost. Anything else is fluff that doesn't usually get read.

Would I work with you? Maybe... I didn't see a paragraph labeled Cost.

Just my opinion.

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Amber Dawn - Indiana

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Salem, Indiana, US

I agree rearrange your paragraphs maybe start with "experience, background, body M" and then so on. If you worked with other Females I'd work with you :-)

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

No your profile is too wordy and the organization isn't ideal.  You have seconds to capture someone's attention as to why they would work with you.  I get a wall of text and see nothing that makes me want to read all that.

Sell yourself in the first two or three sentences

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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

I concur! Shorten it, most people are busy and don't have time to read all that. Use bullet points, talk more about what you will do, not what you won't do. Be positive, keep it short sweet and to the point.

I have to fix mine come to think of it!....LOL

Would I work with you...sure! TF if you are in NYC let me know.

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Your photos are not show casing you as well as they should, you are 5’ 10” nice and tall so your long lovely legs should really stand out, but not seeing it.

Bio is too wordy


[As written]
I don't mind traveling AT ALL but I do ask that if it is more then 45 minutes away that you either compensate me for the shoot itself or gas, or SOMETHING. After all, I'm just a bartender and am not raking in the big bucks haha. I'm pretty easy going so if you have something for trade that you think would interest me in lieu of payment for travel, just message me. The worst that happens is I can't do it at that time and we figure something else out for a later time.

Travel more then 45 minutes from my home will need to be compensated.

Wish you well

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Chels Renee

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Thanks to everyone! smile
Got it! Profile to wordy, will be working on that!

Marin--moving to NYC in December! See you then wink

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New York, New York, US

You dont have much of a model look and dont seem very alive in front of the camera, your photos are pretty mediocre, just think you should keep it as a hobby and do what ever seems fun to you.

profile?... who cares, really - its the models look that matters and if she will tfp, or contact info about rates, and her work parameters

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