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Corpus Christi, Texas, US

I am an underwater Model with a professional background.  I am also a scuba diver.  I only have one image on my portfolio.  I would love to have more.  I will be in Dallas for May 12th and 18th. and I have use of a pool and hot tub.  I would like to schedule shoots for underwater.  Anyone interested, please message me =] I have posted travel and availability notices. Also open to other Genres... I am always up for anything


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Ginger Rothestein

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Wilmington, North Carolina, US

Let me know if you're ever on the east coast, I'm a certified open water diver as well, and I'd love to work with you sometime smile In the meantime good luck with your shoots in Texas! Hopefully you'll find some good photographers, I'm sure there are plenty. Have you posted a casting call as well? If not I'd recommend doing so wink

Best wishes!

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