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Nadia Ford

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Miami Beach, Florida, US

Hi everyone. I am new to modeling and looking for an agency. I am located outside of Miami now. Im not really sure where to start, I was wondering if anyone could tell me based on my look if I have a good shot at any of the agencies down here, and if so which ones? If not honestly is okay! Thanks so much and any advice would be helpful.

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Marin Photography NYC

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Ford Models
Global offices represent women, men, and children for editorials and parts assignments and include plus divisions.

1665 Washington Ave  Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-7200

Head in there and find out. All we can do is guess....We have no way of knowing what or who they are currently interested in...

you have good stats and look good but I am no expert!...

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commercial print potentially not fashion agencies.  Shame you are not up to TFP as your port is mediocre and you need more shots.

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Palm Beach, Florida, US

There are quite a few decent commercial agencies in Miami but you are going to need a much stronger book.

It's not like fashion where you can start with some polaroids and I agree you look better suited for commercial than fashion.

You're better off showing nothing though than showing bad shots.

At the very least you need a great commercial headshot and some Miami beachy lifestyle images (in focus, good quality, flattering images with good expression)

Some of the commercial agencies you could try are Stellar, Gilla Roos, Mega, Wilhelmina, World, BMG.

Front, MC2 and Next and Elite are more fashion oriented IMO and you might do better with a boutique agency but you won't know until you try

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Mega?? Willy?? Commercial? Gilla is more like it

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