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Kirsti allen

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Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Its been a months or so since I have jumped back in front of the camera and I was simply wondering how I was doing?  Esp as a former agency llama ( being told how to look and make up done pretty much for me)
So if you have 2 mins take a gander at my profile and let me know
Meny thanks
Kirsti xx

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robert b mitchell

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Well I definitely like your look, but some of your photos seem amateurish ( the photographer; not you) with the blowout of detail. They are standard shots that really do not garner alot of interest for an attractive lady like you. Its just an opinion....

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Los Angeles, California, US

You don't seem to necessarily be giving the camera your best angles. I have no idea, but if you were doing this when you were younger, you may have to find your angles again based on your more evolved facial structure.

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San Diego, California, US

beautiful gal

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Kirsti allen

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Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Thank you all for you comments and yes I see what you all mean
Thank you for taking the time to look xxx

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Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

You seem to be much more commercial than editorial.

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Meghan Hale wrote:
You seem to be much more commercial than editorial.

I agree.
Also start practicing on your posing and facial expressions!
And work with better photographers!!
Best of luck smile

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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Riverton, Utah, US

Of all the images in the sequence, I'd keep this one:

I also noticed your expression was almost identical in every shot. In this one you look particularly annoyed:

Even if that's what you were going for, the image doesn't add much to your portfolio. Do more shoots with moods like this:


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