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This was posted on Facebook today.  I thought I would share it for two reasons.  The first being for newer models to get a sense of how agencies work and the second, in case somebody here fits this need.

Model Management Agency
MMA/ Model Management Agency is seeking to represent a blonde, female fashion model for local accounts in the Phila. and NJ areas that is between the ages of 18-27. The model must live locally within the tri-state area of PA, NJ or Delaware. The height requirement is between 5'9"-5'10 1/2", the size requirement is between sizes 4-6. If you know of any fashion models that fit these requirements please refer them to Photo/email cannot be larger then 4 MB or they will NOT be received. We have just placed 2 of our fashion blondes in NY and LA and they are not as available for the local accounts.

Thank you for your consideration.
MMA Staff

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The first is alright, although I'd argue that those age requirements aren't typical of fashion. I'd just redirect people to

The second reason isn't allowed in this thread.

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