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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

2013 Spring Model Shootout at The Mishawaka

Get any latest information at this link: … mishawaka/

If you want to RSVP on Facebook and/or invite others here is the link to the Facebook event.  Facebook and I don’t always get along.  If you are not able to invite others let me know and I’ll try fixing that.

Mishawaka Model Shootout on Facebook:

What:  Northern Colorado Professional Photographers Model Shootout.
When:  Sunday, May 19th, 2013.  Starting at 10am.  Going until you wanna leave.
Where:  The Mishawaka.

“Mishawaka is a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar located in the stunning Poudre Canyon in Bellvue, CO. ‘The Mish’ can be found 13.7 miles up the Poudre Canyon Highway (CO 14). The Highway begins approximately 10 miles northwest of Fort Collins.”

The restaurant and bar will be open while we are there.  Expect other people to be around and looking at us like we are crazy.  Please be respectful of the guests and staff of the Mishawaka.

The shootout is open to anyone and everyone.  No modeling experience is required.  If you think modeling is something you’d like to try this is a great chance to test drive it.

If you are a photographer but not experienced with shooting people this is a chance to learn from other photographers and try new things.


All photographers are responsible for their own model release forms.  Models, you will or will not need to sign a release form at the discretion of individual photographers.

Photographs for models, stylist and anyone else:

Photographers, please make sure you get pictures to the models in return for their time.  There are many other things they could be doing on a Sunday besides hanging out with us.  Same goes for hair stylist, make-up artists, designers and so forth.  If someone contributes to your photos get copies to them.

Models and everyone else, make sure your photographers have contact information so they can get the photos to you.

RSVP for photographers:

Go here or send me an email if you are not a NoCo Photo member.

Cost for photographers:

$20.  Pay cash to Skippy when you arrive on site.

RSVP for models:

Please send me an email that you are interested in attending.  If you have a website or online portfolio if you send me a link I’ll get that information to the photographers ahead of time.

Cost for models:


General photographer information:

Bring any lighting equipment you will need.  The Misawaka does have electricity but I suggest you bring extension cords.  People will often share their lighting gear but that’s up to each photographer.

General model information:

While there may be make-up artists, hair stylist & clothing designers on hand and available do not assume they will be available.  You should bring your own wardrobe and be ready to do your own make-up & hair.

If you are 17 or younger you will need a parent or guardian to sign release forms with you.


What can you expect from the shootout?

I can’t predict the future but I can point to the past.  Follow the links below to see what has happened at the past NoCo Photo Model Shootouts.

Video from our last shoot at the Mishawaka.

Photo galleries from our past model shootouts:

Models, you can go to this link to see which photographers have RSVP’d to attend:

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