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Mickle Design Werks

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Light[werks] - the lighting techniques of Mickle Design Werks

Cost -$75 (PayPal:
Limit 12 attendees

For Photographer's starting out, lighting seems to be one of those things that frustrating to learn.

I believe lighting doesn't have to be a complicated beast and given simple, easy to follow techniques based on a few principles to guide your lighting decision making it can become very simple and easy to manage.

With This workshop I want to share with you my lighting system. This system was born from years of gleaning tips, tricks and techniques from some of the best photographers in the industry. I want to share
with you what I've distill down to practical hacks for creating the light you need and controlling the light that you that you have to make images that you want to shoot. You don't need expensive equipment, just the knowledge to know when that's needed and learning how to make due with what you have available to you.

During this workshop we will go over the following:
- Basic principles of light and how it behaves
- My lighting and shooting philosophy
- essential lighting equipment
- 10 of my favorite and most use lighting techniques

Will be going over use of strobes (both studio and speedlites) as well as available light and continuous light shooting. We will also be going over strategies for handling mix lighting situations

I want you to walkway from this with renewed confidence and knowledge of lighting and apply those to your own shooting so that you create better images. Using the tips and techniques from my system, lighting will become almost second nature to you.

Blue RiverDream ( will be the model for this workshop

Please join me on May 5 at 12 PM at my studio in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia for this workshop look forward to seeing you guys there!

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Mark Salo

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Rodney, you and Blue RiverDream are two of my favorite people.  I'm excited to join you on Sunday!

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