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Model Mayhem is proud to announce two new contests that will start tonight at Midnight CST.  The contests are Model of the Day and Photographer of the Day.  The contests will be hosted by Bill with Albertex Photo and Steve with SJH photography.  The rules are very similar to POTD OE. 

Here are the Photographer of the Day rules:
Enter your best work and vote for your favorite image! The Daily Photographer of the day will be posted at the top of the thread and on the Red/Green Beginning/End-of-day banner daily post.

Please try to make entries from Red/Green Beginning/End-of-day banner MidnightCST to Noon and vote from Noon to the Red/Green Beginning/End-of-day banner MidnightCST.

VOTING CLOSES at MIDNIGHT  or shortly thereafter at the discretion of the contest staff.
  All voting officially ends when the Red/Green Beginning/End-of-day banner is dropped, with no votes for a given day counted afterward.

1.  You may only enter an image that you were directly involved in creating as the photographer..

If the copyright holder requests that an entry be withdrawn from competition then the image and any votes it received will be disqualified.

2. No unnecessary discussion, debates, or critiques. Let's keep talk to a minimum, filling these pages with images and not dialog.

3. Do not re-enter any image that has appeared in the photographer/model  of the Day during the past 15 days or the image will be disqualified.

4. When voting click quote under the image you wish to vote for.  Below the quote please use the word VOTE, so you don't confuse your vote with just a comment such as "This is cool" or "I really like this one".

A given individual may enter only ONE IMAGE per day and may VOTE only once per day.  Images may be of any subject: people, dogs, cats, butterflies, bridges... most any photography not prohibited by Model Mayhem's mature image guidelines is acceptable.

IF you enter an image then you are expected to vote.

The day's voting ends at or shortly after time to be confirmed . The precise end of voting is marked by the BIG RED End/Beginning of Day banner.  No votes for the day are counted after the banner is dropped.

5. Individuals that participated in the creation of an entry may not vote for that image. These individuals include models, makeup artists, stylists, and Photoshop wizards.  Such votes will be disqualified.

6. NO VOTE STACKING!!! In all fairness to contestants and others, please don't impose upon others to vote for your entry.  If the photographer of the day  staff senses abuse then we will investigate, potentially disqualifying suspect votes and even your entry.

7. An image that has previously won Photographer of the day contest cannot be re-entered in this competition.  Such images are automatically disqualified. This includes derivative works as well as a different cropping.

8. If your image has been posted for more than a few minutes then DON'T change it.

9. Please post your image only once on the day that you enter it.  Contestants are not permitted to BUMP images.  Such images will be disqualified.

10.  No mature (18+) images or links as defined by Model Mayhem's mature image guidelines found here.  Mature images include:

- female nipple or areola
- bare buttocks (thong or not)
- flaccid penises
- pubic area (whether hair is present or not)
- implied sexual activity
- bondage
- depictions of blood
- depictions of violence
- depictions of drug use
- see-through or semi-transparent clothing or body paint which shows any of the above
- profanity.

Also forbidden are images that include:

- spread shots (vaginal or anal. Typically this is when fingers are used to spread, but other instances may be inappropriate as well.)
- erect penises (must be completely flaccid) covered or not
- explicit sexual content
- any and all penetration of vagina or anus
- shots that focus primarily on the genitals or anus
- shots with bodily fluids (referenced in a sexual/fetish manner).

* NOTE: This is at the discretion of Model Mayhem Moderators and the Photographer of the day staff .

Additionally, the Of the day  staff reserves the right to disqualify any image at their discretion and without explanation.

Please consider Model Mayhem's 18+ Pic of the Day competition for images ineligible for the Photographer of the Day  or Pic of the Day.  The 18+ competition is found here

11. The  Photographer of the Day  staff reserve the right to disqualify entries at their discretion.

12. The  photographer of the Day  staff may temporarily suspend or permanently ban from the contest any individual or group of individuals who flagrantly violates contest rules or is disruptive.  Such individuals may not enter their work, have others enter their work, or vote in the contest.  This may be done without prior notice.

13.  By entering an image in the competition you agree to participate by the rules as posted at the start of that day.  Rules may be modified, added, or dropped without notice.

14. Let's keep it clean and fun!

Model of the Day will have the same rules except under #4, the photo does have to be of the model that is entering it:
A given individual may enter only ONE IMAGE per day and may VOTE only once per day.  Images must be of the model entering the image  and not prohibited by Model Mayhem's mature image guidelines is acceptable.

We hope you are excited and we get some great entries.  There are new medals for the contests that I will post later.

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Albertex Photography

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Mansfield, Texas, US

The Medals:

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