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Gary Blanchette

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Irvine, California, US

I've got to be honest... After reading MM threads, visiting other sites, watching youtube reviews and talking to individuals calling themselves pros at local camera shops, I find myself being left completely confused.

The Pros (not professionals, but the positive comments) Those in favor say that CC is the wave of the fast approaching future. They say that those that don't jump onboard will fall behind in the industry and the Johnny come lately folks in time, will never catch up. They went on and on about networking and business posibilities, etc. Current versions will one day soon become useless unless a user never upgrades things like their operating systems.

The Cons are numerous such as Adobe seemingly having to much control over a person's files noting that Adobe would also become morality police ( work with nudes from time to time so this concerns me). Too many bugs as well as unanswered questions from Adobe.

There are a million more questions I have but I don't want to write a book here.

Has anyone read or heard any one thing that completely convinced them be it pro or con?

Like I said, I know there are other threads, but to be quite frank, many that I have read seemed more like unresolved discussions.


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