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Celine Sophia

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Santa Barbara, California, US

Just posted new pictures, what do you think? Are they good enough to keep in my port? Keep some, lose some?  Whatever your thoughts are about them I would like to know.  Thanks

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Joseph William

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I wish you had more varieties of looks in these, as is it is too evident that these are all from the same shoot.  The ones on the white dress all have issues with the photography that you could not help so you may have to live with out them.  You do have plenty of great images in your port so it does not hurt too much to lose them.

my faves of the new ones are...

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Trisha May Photography

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Colchester, Connecticut, US

Too many of the white dress! Chose two at most

These are my favorites:

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I M N Photography

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

I agree with the statements about lack of variety.
As a model, you should avoid having too many images from the same shoot that are very similar to each other.

Reduce the images from each session to one or maybe two of your favorites, which showcase you as a model, not the photographer.

Look at the categories you've listed in your profile, and try to make sure you add those categories to your portfolio.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I love the one with the braid. It holds my attention over the other new ones.

May 20 13 05:27 pm Link


Celine Sophia

Posts: 503

Santa Barbara, California, US

Thanks, I have adjusted my portfolio from your suggestions.

May 21 13 06:37 am Link


Matt Schmidt

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High Point, North Carolina, US

Keep adding diversity to your port . . . step outside your comfort levels and experiment with looks, feels and niches . . .

May 21 13 06:39 am Link