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Riecky M

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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

So I have another image I wanted to keep it more natural.I' was struggling with hair a lot  though, not sure what to do with them.



May 20 13 03:26 pm Link


Ashish Arora

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hi there,

You did a good job on the skin as well as the skin tones. However, the whole image needs a tad of saturation boost - and the retouched hair seems "less exposed" than the original - I would boost exposure and highlights because they make it really pop and looks better in original in terms of lighting.

As for the hair flyaways, you might wanna bring back some flyaways but that is just a personal taste - some people like really clean hair while others like flying bits. So whatever your heart desires!

May 23 13 10:45 am Link