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R Bruce Duncan

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Santa Barbara, California, US

I just watched Audrey Hepburn in Billy Wilder's "Sabrina," and

I'm smitten.

I've never considered this actress a beauty, but...

Go figure.

She has more than Model looks.

Great lips, and great, widely spaced eyes.

Few were better than Wilder, and for those interested in "Fashion," this film is a tutorial.

Edith Head, a legendary Hollywood costume designer, took the Academy Award, but the gowns were apparently by Givenchy.

Hepburn's makeup looks a little heavy handed--who am I to complain about lipstick outside of the lip lines?--and the eyebrows are a little heavy handed, but...

Well, Hepburn is to die for.

We see her in black tights--what could be more contemporary?--and white short shorts.

Which is to say that Hepburn's wardrobe in this 1954 film--before even my time, LOL--shines by any standard.

And... Hepburn sings "La Vie En Rose"?


I know from at least one MM girl that her bookings dropped off when she cut her hair, but Hepburn looks great here.

Short and clean.

This is at least as sophisticated as the Givenchy-Head gowns.

Really, really, beautiful.

And this is what inspires me.

Timeless beauty.


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R Bruce Duncan

Posts: 1160

Santa Barbara, California, US

Oh dear...

I don't know whether to be proud that my judgement has been confirmed, or ultimately embarrassed that I am so clueless.

Audrey Hepburn was on the May cover of "Vanity Fair".

I'm particular about what I read, limiting myself pretty much to "The Los Angeles Times," and "The New Yorker."

I listen to NPR exclusively.

Many years ago at UC Santa Barbara, Hugh Kenner, an English Professor of some repute--he wrote for "The New Yorker"--reminded us that if we listened to McDonald's jingles, that's what would be going around in our heads.

I don't own a television, and haven't for many years.

I like Netflix.

I'd been avoiding this film for a while.

I've seen most of the great American films of the early to mid-20th Century.

Including this one.

It's hokey, who will every believe Humphrey Bogart as a Romatic lead, etc.

But Hepburn carries the whole film, gracefully.

She was really something.

There are many, many legitimately talented girls right here on Model Mayhem.

Is it possible that we have a successor to Hepburn among us?

Do you think she has short hair?


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Adam J Caldwell

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London, England, United Kingdom

You never considered Audrey Hepburn to be a beauty?

Possibly one of the most gorgeous women to ever have lived.

I don't feel that there is any woman in Hollywood right now who can live up to the same image as her.

She is amazing. I completely fell in love with her after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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